Our Mission

Whatever I.T. takes. Why? Because I.T. Matters.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, you need more than just a solid business plan to succeed. To thrive and maintain a competitive advantage, you need a trusted advisor to help navigate the tricky world of I.T., and guide you down the road to success.

We want to be that guide for your business. I.T. matters to us, and that’s not just a clever play on words; it is how we live, breathe, and operate.


Here at I.T. Matters, Inc., our mission is to help our clients understand the impact technology can have on the success of their business.

How are we different from every other I.T. company out there? Most places will tell you that their number one priority is meeting the needs of their customers. It’s a break/fix relationship. We, however, aim to eliminate the breaks. I.T. Matters strives to understand every client’s needs, in order to provide effective business solutions that work. We are the watchful eyes and ears for the technologies that service your business, and our proactive approach plays a key role in adding value to your organization.

As an operations-centric company, we know how important it is for you to be up and running with minimal interruptions to your business. You can rest assured that when you hire I.T. Matters, Inc., you’re not just hiring another engineer or technician to manage your business network. Instead, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with having a team of I.T. specialists who are up-to-speed on your network, and can solve problems with minimal disruptions to your work.

With a leadership team that has over 40 combined years of experience in the business technology space, I.T. Matters, Inc. can help you utilize technology to its fullest potential.

Meet The Team

Ha Tran

Ha has come a long way from her college days in the laboratory, working to locate genetic mutation within humans and hoping to find regeneration genes in flatworms. With the tremendous amount of data generated in sequencing DNA, Ha’s natural curiosity shifted to understanding and managing the computer systems that collected all that information. That same drive to find solutions is now used to implement technology that helps clients meet their organizational needs.

Having nearly 20 years of experience in the business technology space, Ha’s focus is to lead the organization into new areas, mentor her staff, and guide her clients to meet and exceed their business technology expectations. Ha stresses the importance of educating the clients, and building relationships with them that outlast the technology.

When not in the office, Ha can be found with her husband, chasing their rambunctious 6 year-old son around.

Kim Huynh
VP Technology

Kim never imagined herself working in technology. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Houston with a minor in Sales, Chemistry, and Biology, and had plans for dental school. Everything changed when she took a summer job assisting a technology company improve its process and procedures.

Ever since, she’s had a knack for problem solving. She enjoys the thrill of finding a solution to a problem that seems impossible to fix. As the VP of Technology for I.T. Matters, Inc., she continues to do so for our clients by finding technology solutions that fit their business needs. Her focus is to build lasting relationships while staying on top of technology trends, and to manage and support her team as they grow their skills – both technically and professionally – to better help our clients.

Kim received her MBA from the University of Houston. She enjoys spending time with her husband and growing family, and can be seen experiencing new culinary dishes around town when she has time to unwind.

Si Tran
VP Operations

Si fell in love with technology as a teenager, and after watching Toy Story he had dreams of a career in computer animation. During his four years in college, he dabbled in every aspect of technology. As his career progressed, Si found himself conflicted with the solitary world of programming. He did not enjoy sitting alone at his desk with little to no interaction with others, and more importantly, no ability to affect change. Fortunately, Si was promoted to a position where he was able to hire his own development team, and thoroughly enjoyed providing the necessary support to help his team achieve their goals. With these new responsibilities, he soon realized that his career path was changing. He eventually moved his focus away from programming and towards business operations.

Si’s focus at I.T. Matters, Inc. is to handle the day-to-day operations of the business so that the team can concentrate on what they do best — service our clients. He enjoys fostering a work environment where everyone works toward a common goal of providing technology solutions for businesses.

Si graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Computer Science, and received his MBA from the University of Houston. When he’s not working, he can be found lying on the ground at a CrossFit box, gasping for air, or out paddling with the Houston Heat Dragon Boat Club.

Our Team

I.T. Matters, Inc. would not be able to accomplish its mission without the dedicated members of its team. We are fortunate to have found devoted and passionate individuals who strive to provide the best I.T. experience for each and every client we work with. They continue to raise the bar higher and higher, and will not rest until I.T. companies everywhere understand the importance of delivering value-driven solutions to a business landscape that relies so heavily on technology.