Before we can start solving your business’ technology issues, we need to understand your I.T. network. Most importantly, we need to make sure you have a solid foundation for technology to run effectively. Building on top of a shaky foundation will only make matters worse.

Trying to patch together a network without fully developing a strategic design plan can be one of the key failures of integrating technology. You don’t just need someone who can speak in tech jargon, you need a professional with the experience to provide an infrastructure map that allows you to understand the system.

Security & Compliance

Protecting a business network from outside threats is one of our primary objectives. No I.T. company can guarantee you maximum security, and any company that promises you such is hiding from the reality of today’s world. Our job is to help you identify the potential risks and shield your network from them, but to do so without first understanding your business operations would cause disruptions in your work. We aim to minimize security loopholes that malicious individuals – external and internal to your network – can take advantage of, and work to secure the data that’s essential to your business. Security is paramount, and attempting to protect a network without business operations in mind is a crucial mistake many companies make.

With our numerous years of experience in working with various industries – from private to publicly traded companies – we also know how to make sure your network is compliant with the rules and regulations of various trade organizations and agencies. From HIPAA, to FINRA, to the SEC, we’ve got the experience to make sure your network is not only secure, but in compliance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

There’s a famous saying ‘I.T. happens’. What’s your game plan when things do? If things go wrong, we make sure that our clients have a continuity plan that allows them to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether it be from natural disasters, hardware failure, or even human error, we work with companies to have a plan in place that minimizes down time.

Many businesses think they have a contingency plan for such instances. But there have been a number of times when we’ve come in at the tail end of a job, only to inform a company that while their strategy was great in theory, it was not viable in execution. That’s why we not only create a game plan, but also test and audit it periodically, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Procurement & Inventory

With numerous brands and various options out there, a business owner shouldn’t waste valuable time trying to figure out which technology is best suited for their organization. That’s where we come in. It’s our job to educate you on the technology that will best meet your needs. With our combined experience of over 30 years working with various business landscapes, we are skilled at finding you the right enterprise solution that will work with your budget.

We simplify the procurement process so you don’t have to worry about things that take you away from your day-to-day business, and with our process-centric approach, it’s crucial for us to make sure you know what technology you have at your disposal. By helping control procurement and inventory, we help clients maximize their output without the concerns of lost resources.

Technology Consulting

We love our job because we get to combine our two passions: business and technology. What we love even more is the opportunity to help you understand how the two can have a symbiotic relationship. More often than not, business owners get overwhelmed with all the technobabble in the news today. Not only can it be overwhelming, but paralyzing as well when they don’t know who they can trust with their questions. Well, we have answers.

Our goal isn’t to impress you with our technological jargon. We want to cut out the clutter and provide you with a clear understanding of how technology can play a valuable role in your business. You can have the fanciest piece of equipment, but if it can’t help you achieve the outcomes that you need for your business, is it truly serving its purpose? Let us be the trusted I.T. consultants you need to make sure your organization is using technology to its full potential.