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It’s 11:00 O’Clock P.M., …Who’s Watching Your Computer Network?

If there is one thing from an IT perspective that is hyper-critical, it is cybersecurity. Ransomware attacks have messed with supply chains, global economies, city governments, and much more. We can share estimated dollar amounts of a ransomware attack, but here is the reality, a ransomware attack on your business can be costly. You must have the right cybersecurity solutions in place now.

  • Has your current IT company trained your staff members on how to spot a phishing email or an attachment in an email that may contain ransomware?
  • When was the last time your current IT company debriefed you on your current cybersecurity readiness?
  • Have you ever had to pay a ransom because you didn’t have the right cybersecurity defenses in place?

We’re trying really hard not to get into fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Many IT companies use this FUD tactic when driving home the importance of cybersecurity services and why your organization needs them.

Yes, cybersecurity is important and every organization needs to have the right protection methods in place. It’s just that important.

Start now, by sitting down with your cybersecurity team at I.T. Matters and discover how we can help protect your assets and your livelihood.

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Cybersecurity Protection Starts with Business Continuity

Sure, we can share all the technical facts about what we do to make sure your data is protected from any sort of cybersecurity threat. Many IT companies will all say the same thing and we provide you with all the required solutions:

  • Firewall Management
  • Antispam and Antimalware Solutions
  • Endpoint Protection
  • DNS Filtering
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Zero Day Threat Protection
  • And the list goes on…

However, the truth is this: No IT company can protect you 100%. This is why I.T. Matters recommends the best defense when it comes to your cybersecurity, and what the right business continuity strategy is for you.

If your organization was to fall victim to a ransomware attack, will you pay the ransom or do you have a system in place allowing you to recover easily and without any major interruption or disruption to your business?

I.T. Matters makes sure all clients have a business continuity strategy in place to ensure recovery when a cybersecurity incident occurs.

Cybersecurity Protection Must Be Done
In Layers

The protection of your business must be done in layers: making sure your data is secured in the cloud, having the perimeter protection in place, making sure every device on the network is running antivirus or security software, and ensuring that those accessing your company network are authenticated using multi-factor authentication.

Are Your Cybersecurity Defenses Regularly Tested?

It’s not just enough to put up your cybersecurity defenses and walk away. Like any fine-tuned machine, these services need constant testing and review to make sure everything is working as planned and as designed.

I.T. Matters works with our clients to ensure their cybersecurity systems are working and we regularly test everything, not leaving anything to chance:

  • I.T. Matters will make sure your staff members receive regular cybersecurity training.
  • I.T. Matters will make sure any potential cybersecurity threats are filed when identified.
  • I.T. Matters will ensure every system has the right security software installed and running.
  • I.T. Matters will make sure that no unauthorized person can access your company network.
  • I.T. Matters will make sure we keep everything up to date and properly maintained.
  • I.T. Matters will make sure you have a proper business continuity strategy in place and tested regularly.