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Technology services, hardware, and software seem to be getting easier to
obtain, but how do you know you are getting the right IT equipment for
your company?
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Trust Knowing You’re Always Getting the Right Solution

Today’s technology seems to be getting easier to obtain with every passing day. There seems to be a new online resource popping up every day with claims that they have the lowest price and the right technology for you.

But, how do you know you’re getting the right technology for your business?

Business IT, although simple on the outside, can be quite complex when you peel back a few layers. I.T. Matters helps clients make sure they are getting the right IT hardware and software to run and build their business IT systems upon.

Don’t find yourself in an unfavorable or uncomfortable position. Speak with I.T. Matters first to ensure you’re getting the right IT solutions to meet the needs of your organization.

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Why Having an IT Procurement Team is Essential

I.T. Matters takes our responsibility of being the custodians of your information technology systems seriously. This is why we include IT procurement services with every managed IT services program. Making sure you have the right technology for the right price is very important and knowing where to source it and get it to your company on time is also essential.

Technology procurement can be a tough minefield to cross – you don’t want to acquire equipment that’s not compatible with your existing hardware or that ends up breaking down on you.

With global chip shortages and general technology, demand is making it harder and harder for the average company to get the IT equipment they need. I.T. Matters understands just how tough it is. But you have nothing to worry about. Our team has invested years into developing strong ties with all the major IT hardware providers and distribution channels to make sure we can get the equipment our clients need.

Our team can source from many different suppliers, providing you greater flexibility when it comes to the procurement of your next computer, server, printer, and any other technology solution.

I.T. Matters Works as Your Advocate

You finally have someone in your corner when it comes to purchasing new hardware or even returning equipment that may not be working properly. You have an advocate in your corner who understands the industry and who can speak with all the major hardware vendors to get the answers you need.

In addition, through our deep channel in the IT community, we can also obtain pre-sales support and technical advisory services prior to purchasing equipment to make sure you are getting the right service and equipment. This will help you avoid delays due to incorrect hardware being ordered.

I.T. Matters is here to be your guide through the maze of IT procurement.