Co-Managed I.T.

For clients that already have an I.T. department, our value comes by helping you bridge the gap in your I.T. infrastructure. We provide a slew of services that help enhance the overall user experience. From simply providing backup personnel when your team is indisposed, to providing a more structured process to document and maintain your network, having I.T. Matters, Inc. work with your existing team ensures that your business is fully covered.

Additionally, one of our key values is providing your I.T. resources with the knowledge and expertise they may lack. We enhance the knowledge base, and help your I.T. department make informed decisions regarding your network. This helps minimize any errors that may be caused with the limited resources within your internal team. We strongly believe we can help you build a better network by helping you build the best I.T. team possible.

Managed I.T.

Why burden yourself with having to find qualified I.T. individuals to service your company when I.T. Matters, Inc. can do it for you? For companies that don’t have an on-staff I.T. department, we provide solutions that work with your business environment and budget.

Whether you need us to be onsite every day, or you just need a fix-it team on standby, we specialize in providing you with the coverage you need to maximize your business potential.

Often times, companies are also burdened with I.T. turnover. The advantage of having I.T. Matters, Inc. service your needs ensures that you’re not solely dependent upon one or a few individuals. We rotate our team to make sure there’s a high level of redundancy in your network and that you’re never without a skilled and capable I.T. professional when you need it most.

Most importantly, having experienced I.T. professionals allows you to take the guesswork out of making proactive, informed decisions, rather than you having to worry about areas of I.T. in which you may not be well-versed. Let us help you get there.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is the current hot topic in I.T. From data hosting, to email and online applications, the Cloud is changing the way we do business. However, the Cloud may not be the right solution for your business. Let I.T. Matters, Inc. help you understand the pros and cons, and the other options available. With our expertise in the matter, we can help educate you on the ever evolving I.T. landscape. Newer is not always better. Our practice is to provide you with tried and tested technologies that will service your company best.

For clients who are ready for the Cloud, we make sure your resources are fully integrated into your business environment. An added bonus with having I.T. Matters, Inc. on your team is that we ensure you’re up-to-date and in compliance with the constantly changing licensing rules and regulations.