Managed IT Services

In today’s world, where information technology is critical to the success of
any organization, businesses must have a reliable managed IT services
company overseeing their IT infrastructure.
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Is Managed IT Services the Answer to All Your Tech Challenges?

Managed IT Services is the answer to all your information technology challenges. If you landed on this page, chances are you typed “Managed IT Services In Houston” or some other words to that effect, and here you are on our Managed IT Services page.

Today’s business climate relies on information technology for everything. Whether you are ordering parts and supplies, getting a ride to the airport, finding out how much oil is flowing down a pipeline, filing your taxes, or paying bills – everything relies on your information technology solutions and systems.

What would happen if one day it stopped working? Luckily, for many businesses like you in Houston and across Texas, they work with I.T. Matters as their Managed IT Services team. Your business can’t afford to have issues get in the way between your company and the customers/clients you serve.

Managed IT Services takes care of almost every aspect of your information technology.

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Managed IT Services is Like Having Your Own IT Department

Many companies cannot afford or just don’t have the need for a full-time IT department. This is where managed IT services become the perfect solution. Hiring I.T. Matters as your managed IT services team is just like having your own IT department and sometimes much better than having a W-2 staff on your payroll for IT.

How are managed IT services better than having your own IT department? Here are a few reasons local organizations choose to hire a managed IT services company, versus staffing their own IT department.

  • Cost: Cost is the huge factor in going with a managed IT services company versus an in-house IT department. Companies can get an entire team of IT professionals for the same cost as one or two employees.
  • Skills: Managed IT services companies often bring more skills to the table versus those working for a company’s IT department. Many times those additional skills are offered for the same fee or a small added consulting fee.
  • Coverage: Like with most W-2 employees, you are limited with hours they can work, vacation time, sick time, and more. Having a managed IT services company versus full-time W-2 IT professionals removes that burden and you will have full-time coverage without the worry.
  • Growth: As your company grows, your Managed IT services grow with you. Need additional resources? Scale-up and scale back when your business requires it.

With today’s staffing challenges, and lack of skilled workers, finding great IT professionals to work for your organization is becoming more and more difficult. With a great managed IT services company like I.T. Matters, removing the burden and stress of IT from your daily worry list will allow you to focus on expansion, revenue growth, expense control, and new initiatives toward your business.

What You Get With Managed IT Services From I.T. Matters

Many managed IT service companies are exactly the same when it comes to their service offerings. Almost every single company offering managed IT services provides:

  • Help Desk Services
  • vCIO Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patching and Updates
  • And much more

What makes I.T. Matters different from almost every other managed IT services company in Houston and surrounding areas is our focus on client care and satisfaction. IT companies will never tell you that they don’t put a focus on customer service. Actually, every single managed IT services company website clearly states how great they are at customer service, until they have to prove it.

I.T. Matters is different. Check out our client success stories here. Read them thoroughly and give these clients a call to verify the authenticity of the case study. We stand behind our claims that we are the top managed IT services company in Houston focused on you.