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What makes a great client for I.T. Matters? Technology continues to evolve
and businesses today need to embrace IT to remain competitive.
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Does Your Business See Technology as
an Asset or a Liability?

Information systems are vital to the growth and development of organizations today. However, many businesses, large and small, are not taking full advantage of the power that information technology can bring to their business.

Why is that? The answer is pretty simple to us. Many businesses simply do not have the IT resources or IT company that understands and keeps up with the changing landscape of technology. At one time, IT companies used to edit the autoexec.bat file and change jumpers on network cards. Today’s IT professionals must understand business processes and how technology fits in the goals of an organization.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are we losing new business opportunities because our customers are going elsewhere because they can order products online or through an app?
  • Are technology limitations impairing our growth potential?
  • Are we at risk of losing customers because of a data breach or ransomware attack?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

I.T. Matters is ready to help you by guiding you on how information technology can help your business meet the growing demands and needs of your customer or subscriber base. Take the first step by scheduling an initial consultation with our team.

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Who Makes a Great Client for I.T. Matters?

This is a question we ask ourselves every single day. Everyone on our team wants to help every single business that comes our way for help. We believe that our team members care deeply for the success and growth of our customers and clients.

But, who makes a great client for us? Here are a few of the most common characteristics:

  • Be growth-focused. Our best clients are continuously striving to become the best in their line of work. They look to information technology to help fuel this growth and future development.
  • Have an awesome culture. Our best clients have an amazing culture and a great story to tell. Culture is one of the core reasons why we choose to work with many of our clients. We want to enjoy servicing them and watching them succeed.
  • Mutual partnership. Customers who see us as just a vendor rarely last long with I.T. Matters. Our best clients work with us as mutual partners, equally divested in each other’s success. We strive hard to create a win-win.
  • See IT as an asset. Our best clients see information technology as an investment in the success of their business, not a liability.

These are just a few of the characteristics we look for in a great client.

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I.T. Matters gets to work using our proven framework below:

CALL: Call to schedule a site visit.

  • Let us get to know your needs/business objectives.
  • Make sure we're a good fit/Are we a good fit?
  • Get the information you don't have.

PLAN: Let's create a customized plan
and get it executed.

  • Expert advice
  • Let's fix the problem.
  • Clear path forward after the customized plan / Long term plan

BUILD: Build for the future.

  • More revenue
  • More customers
  • More happiness. More sleep. Peace of mind.