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Do You Have a Strategy Technology Professional in Your Corner?

Information Technology systems are at the heart of almost every successful organization. Today’s top performers have understood the importance of embracing information technology as a tool to provide a competitive advantage, help increase sales, lower costs, and provide overall better service to their customers and clients.

  • Are your information systems always breaking down?
  • Is IT an asset or a liability in your organization?
  • Do you have a trusted technology consulting team to guide you in the right direction?

Today, it is more and more important for an organization to have a trusted technology consulting team in their corner. A team of professionals who are there to advocate and help guide clients in the right direction and who will be there to lower the frustration caused by information technology systems that are constantly failing and offline, especially when you have a customer on the phone.

We’ve all been there, on the phone with customer service and they tell you “Sorry, our systems are offline, can you call back in an hour?” It’s very frustrating when this happens. Don’t let your customers and team experience this.

I.T. Matters is here to help and guide you as your trusted technology consulting team.

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Trusted Information Technology Consultants

Since day one of I.T. Matters, our team has been 100% focused on ensuring our customers and clients get timely and strategic information technology advice.

Sure there are many managed IT services companies dotting the landscape of Houston, Harris County, and across the great State of Texas. Many of these managed IT services companies offer many of the same services and solutions. I.T. Matters is no different. We call this the “everyone stuff”. Everyone does basically the same thing.

How does I.T. Matters stand out? Besides just being another IT company, we are a team of technology consultants. Our technology consulting professionals continue to work with some of the top firms across many industries in Houston. Check out our case study library to discover how we’ve helped many of our clients with all their information technology needs, not just day-to-day IT support.

It Takes a Team of Committed Technology Consulting Professionals

One thing we know to be true is this: It takes a team of technology consulting professionals, not just a single person, to help chart the course for your organization’s IT.

I.T. Matters works with organizations in Houston and across Texas in many different ways.
A couple of our most popular services include:

  • Fully Outsourced Technology Consulting: Many organizations in Harris County will hire I.T. Matters to be their complete IT department. I.T. Matters provides this service to large and small companies who simply want to shift the management of their IT systems to a qualified team of technology professionals. Fully outsourcing the management of your IT systems is an easy way to get the solutions your organization needs quickly.
  • Working with Internal IT Departments: Many organizations in Houston have great internal IT teams, but they require assistance in certain areas. It could be the management of their core infrastructure, security management, outsourcing help desk services, or simply IT leadership and guidance. The I.T. Matters team of technology professionals can parachute into any situation and provide the services your organization needs.
  • Working with Company Leadership: Often I.T. Matters will be brought in as an advisor to company leadership on all matters regarding technology. Our team of technology consultants play an advisory role and guide organizations along the right path and help in the management of projects and day-to-day I.T. Matters.

Whatever solution fits your needs, I.T. Matters is here to be your trusted guide and resource for all matters related to your information technology. Reach out to our team of technology consulting professionals and discover what makes us different compared to all the other IT companies in Houston and across the state.