Cybersecurity Awareness Training In Houston

Cybersecurity awareness training educates your employees on improving risky behaviors that can lead to security compromises.
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Did You Know I.T. Matters Has a Solution for User Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training educates your employees on improving risky behaviors that can lead to security compromises.

Cyberattacks have made more headlines recently than ever before. With the understanding that any business of any size, in any location, can experience a cyber incident, it is safe to say that the topic of cybersecurity is at the top of every business agenda. As organizations increase their efforts to protect their data and information from falling victim to a cyberattack, one area should not be overlooked.

When it comes to cybersecurity, an organization is only as strong as the weakest link. The weakest link in any organization is the end user, your employees. As businesses invest in software, hardware, and services to help prevent cyberattacks, it’s important to invest in cybersecurity awareness training for your staff.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training In Houston

Why Businesses Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybercriminals continue to increase their efforts as technology evolves. For hackers, the best way to breach a network and obtain sensitive data is through untrained, non-technical staff members. Attackers use popular techniques, such as email phishing and spearphishing, to trick employees into giving up sensitive information, which could lead to damaging ransomware attacks and more.

If your staff is properly trained to identify risks, your company’s data may not be in jeopardy. Cybersecurity awareness training educates your employees on improving risky behaviors that can lead to security compromises. When employees are trained to recognize risks, your organization adds an extra level of security. You will have more people, other than your IT department or IT partner, keeping an eye out for the security of your business. All staff members with training will be able to report any threats and will ensure that your information stays safe and secure.

I.T. Matters’ Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions

Protecting a business network from threats is one of our primary objectives. We will help you identify the potential risks and shield your network from them. We aim to minimize security loopholes that malicious individuals, both external and internal to your network, can take advantage of, and work to secure the data that’s essential to your business. Security is paramount which is why I.T. Matters has cybersecurity awareness training solutions available for your entire staff, including remote workers and in-house employees.

Our experts will train your employees on simple tricks and safe shortcuts to use in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. These tips will keep your employees safe from possible risks and will inform them on how to be more organized, productive, and efficient.

In addition, I.T. Matters uses Webroot Security Awareness Training to educate and train your employees. Employees will learn to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks. Employees will also learn how to identify malware behaviors and will learn how to report possible security threats.

Webroot Security Awareness Training reduces the risk of security breaches through phishing simulations based on real-world attacks. Webroot also trains employees on IT policies and best practices and adheres to any data privacy and compliance regulations.

I.T. Matters utilizes Webroot Security Awareness Training specifically because of the following qualities:

  • Trusted Industry Provider
  • Group Management
  • Video-based Training
  • Library of Phishing Templates
  • Staggered Phishing Email Campaigns
  • Easy Graphical QBR Reporting

Having the right cybersecurity measures in place will ensure that your data and information will be safe and secure from cybercriminals and costly cyberattacks. Investing in the security of your network and infrastructure is important and investing in the cybersecurity awareness training of your employees is equally as important.

I.T. Matters is here to help safeguard your data and train your employees to be an extra layer of security for your organization. Let’s get your staff trained right away. For more information, or to set up cybersecurity awareness training, call us at (281) 280-8500 or send an email over to [email protected].