Difference Between Dell Business Laptops And Dell Home Laptops

Regularly, clients will ask us why we recommend business-class laptops instead of the generally less expensive consumer-grade models.
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What’s The Difference Between Dell Business Laptops And Dell Home Laptops?

Do you know the difference between a business-class computer and a consumer-grade one? It’s more important than you may assume.

Regularly, clients will ask us why we recommend business-class laptops instead of the generally less expensive consumer-grade models.

While we appreciate the need to keep IT budgets in control and properly justified, this is one area where no one should cut corners. There’s a big difference between Dell business laptops and Dell home laptops—we’ll show you why I.T. Matters in this article.

Dell Business Laptops

A Matter Of Intent & Purpose

At its most simple, the difference between these two grades of hardware is their intended purpose.

As you can gather from their titles, business-class laptops are meant to be used in business settings, while home or consumer-grade laptops are meant for personal use. Even if you and your staff are largely work-from-home right now, you should still be using enterprise-class hardware.

The fact is that business laptops have several features that make them more suitable for professional purposes:

  • Business laptops are made to be more durable
  • Business laptops offer advanced security and protection features
  • Business laptops offer more storage and processing power

Dell Business Laptops Vs. Dell Home Laptops

Quality Dell Business Laptops Dell Home Laptops
Durability Dell Business laptops are extra durable as they are meant for long-term use by multiple users Dell Home laptops are not as durable, and are expected to have a higher turnover rate
Design Dell Business laptops are not redesigned very often, as their priority is function, not form Dell Home laptops are redesigned on a generational basis to stay in line with the competition and changing design standards
Features Dell Business laptops offer additional storage, high-quality display, keyboard backlighting, and more Dell Home laptops do not offer as many features as Dell Business laptops
Security Dell Business laptops come with advanced security features to better protect business data Dell Home laptops offer only basic, consumer-level protections
Cost Dell Business laptops are more expensive, given their extensive feature set and capabilities Dell Home laptops are less expensive, in line with their limited use parameters

Don’t Underinvest In Your Most Important Tools

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cut corners here and there. Especially when it comes to saving money, many new and old businesses will opt for the less expensive two options if it means keeping costs down.

This is especially true when it comes to IT. More often than not, businesses will choose consumer-based options instead of investing in the premium solution.

Where this may occasionally be a practical decision, say, in choosing a cheaper option because it fits the scope of a small business, you shouldn’t accept the risks of using Dell Home laptops for professional purposes.

The fact is that consumer-grade laptops are only meant to protect a handful of users’ data. They’re meant for a simple network with relatively low traffic and a low chance of attack. Furthermore, they won’t offer the processing power your company’s business tasks may require.

On the other hand, you have business-class laptops developed with business use and purposes in mind. These laptops are designed to protect against the threats that security vendors know businesses are dealing with.

Think of it this way–a professional photographer wouldn’t use a disposable camera to shoot commissioned portraits, right?

Whereas a disposable camera is sufficient for the everyday photographer in that it takes photos, it doesn’t even come close to offering the level of control and range of capabilities that a paid professional needs in order to produce truly stunning photography.

The same is true of your computers.

Get The Right Computers For Your Team

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