Doug Ustick Relies On I.T. Matters For All IT Services

Douglas H. Ustick is a solo legal practitioner and head of Ustick Law Firm PLLC. He has been practicing law since 1980 and, since then, has worked with several prominent law firms.
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This Attorney Has Relied On I.T. Matters, Inc. For Decades

Key points:

  • Your IT company needs to offer more than essential support.
  • Do you have someone to manage your IT while you move offices?
  • Do you have an IT partner you can rely on long-term?
  • Douglas H. Ustick has worked with us for decades because we make IT simple for him.

Douglas H. Ustick

Who Is Douglas H. Ustick?

Douglas H. Ustick is a solo legal practitioner and head of Ustick Law Firm PLLC. He has been practicing law since 1980 and, since then, has worked with several prominent law firms.

In 1995, he became a solo practitioner, continuing to work in commercial real estate, banking, and corporate transactions. Since he started his solo firm, he’s worked exclusively with I.T. Matters for all things IT.

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Why Did Douglas Hire I.T. Matters, Inc.?

“I.T. Matters was referred to me around 15 years ago,” says Douglas. “I was moving to a new office.” Initially, Douglas hired I.T. Matters to manage the launch of his new office space. The telephone services vendors at his previous office had worked with us before and recommended he have us take care of his IT.

“When we moved into the new space, we had I.T. Matters fit us out and handle the networking in our office,” says Douglas. “They interacted with the vendors for us.”

When launching a new business, dealing with IT can be a nightmare.

The many parts that must be carefully selected, sourced, purchased, installed, configured, and launched are a lot to handle. One wrong move and the team won’t get to work on time in the new workspace.

Throughout our time with Douglas, we have set up two new offices for him and his associate. In both cases, we carefully evaluated his current IT assets, determined any necessary upgrades or new purchases, prepped the hardware, and installed it on site.

We follow a carefully-developed proactive IT strategy to help businesses hit the ground running at their newest locations. We established a comprehensive view of Douglas’s IT solutions. We then carefully planned the build and launch of his environment to minimize downtime, mitigate the chance of data loss and configuration errors, and ensure he could get to work on the first day in the new location.

I.T. Matters, Inc. Also Set Up Douglas’s Home Office

“They set me up to work remotely,” says Douglas. “Many people adapted that way, but I.T. Matters made it easy for me.”

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many organizations could not prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies.

Fortunately for Douglas, he could rely on I.T. Matters for expert assistance.  We ensured that Douglas had what he needed to be productive and secure while working from home. It was arranged far enough ahead of time that the pivot to remote work went off without a hitch.

I.T. Matters, Inc. Keeps Douglas Up To Date

Douglas knows that if his law firm will continue to grow effectively, he needs an IT partner that could help him harness new technologies and modernize his systems every few years. Doing so is a key part of the ongoing trend of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is one of the most significant buzz phrases in the business community. At its simplest, it’s the initiative to use new technologies for better business outcomes.

The business workplace is being drastically altered by technology as each year goes by—if firms like Ustick Law Firm don’t embrace it, they will be left behind.

Many firms can find it challenging to keep up with the latest technological advances, especially if they are solo practitioners with a small staff. It takes time and knowledge that staff members may not have to keep up to date with recent IT advancements and to understand how to harness them.

Too many firms jump from one system or application to another and never realize the full benefit of their technology. Without a technology plan aligned with their goals, they make poor buying decisions and waste money on ineffective tools.

As crucial as IT strategy, it’s often an afterthought. Not everyone has the time and resources to plan their IT.

By planning with I.T. Matters’ help, Douglas can budget his IT more accurately and avoid issues that stem from out-of-date systems.

“I.T. Matters has been an integral part of my team,” says Douglas. “As technology has changed, and as equipment went past warranty, they would advise as to how to replace it.”

There’s A Reason Douglas Has Worked With I.T. Matters, Inc. For So Long…

“I.T. Matters has taken good care of me, and so I’ve continued with them,” says Douglas. “Everyone I’ve dealt with from I.T. Matters has been incredibly responsive.”

Whenever Douglas needs help solving a problem or handling damage control, he knows he can call I.T. Matters. That’s why we’ve worked together for nearly three decades.

Can you say the same about your IT support? If not, book a meeting with the I.T. Matters team to talk further.