Did You Know We Provide an Email Protection Service

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Did You Know We Provide an Email Protection Service

As the most popular productivity suite of all time, Microsoft 365 is used by more than 650,000 companies in the U.S. alone. That means hackers have a lot of incentive to dig deep into Microsoft’s processes and look for weak points that could be exploited for large amounts of money.

Protecting your organization has never been more challenging, or more vital to your ongoing success. Operational decisions around your company’s privacy policy or data security standards can quickly make the difference between a strong security stance, and one that allows for loopholes that could be exploited in the future.

Email Protection and Why You Should Have a Service Like This

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Microsoft Office 365, is a solutions suite that offers great benefits for any size organization. These fully integrated platforms make work seamless for your staff, vendors, and partners, but they can also leave dangerous gaps in your cybersecurity protection without the right implementation and ongoing processes in place.

You need an IT partner, like I.T. Matters, who offers a service with a high level of protection to keep your sensitive data safe. A full-scale security audit can help your internal team and IT partners to identify any areas of weakness and prioritize remediation so your email protection stays consistent.

Security vulnerabilities that are often found with a deep security audit include:

  • Improper mailbox permissions and settings
  • Passwords that are too simple, not changed often enough, and that do not fall within recommended values
  • Lack of security guidelines or an inability to enforce security standards
  • Poor user training can easily result in unexpected data breaches
  • Vulnerabilities due to older software, integrations, or patches that haven’t been fully applied

Perhaps most importantly, your team will gain insight into the potential vulnerabilities that exist in your email systems and create a solid action plan for remediation. Quickly prioritizing any high-level threat items can help save your organization from an extremely costly data breach or privacy compliance issue.

Ready to Create your Email Protection Plan?

Our team is fully versed in the ever-changing world of government compliance and data privacy issues. This allows us to provide the best possible recommendations that will help ensure your company manages risks appropriately in the future. Our best-in-class compliance solutions are built to provide a solid layer of protection around your business email and data.

Contact I.T. Matters, Inc. today to schedule a free consultation and dig deeper into how a security audit can help reduce operational risk, improve efficiencies, and protect your organization from cyberattacks. Call us at (281) 280-8500 or send an email over to [email protected].