Houston IT Expert: Kim Mai Huynh

Kim Mai Huynh, was recently featured in a profile by Zix Corporation, exploring her career path and development as a leader at I.T. Matters, Inc..
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Interview With A Houston IT Expert: Kim Mai Huynh

Kim Mai HuynhOur very own VP of Technology, Kim Mai Huynh, was recently featured in a profile by Zix Corporation, exploring her career path and development as a leader at I.T. Matters, Inc.. The article explored her entry into the IT industry and how she came to help lead our team of IT experts in Houston.

Finding Her Way Into IT

Kim didn’t always want to work in the IT industry. In school, she studied accounting, biology, and chemistry, planning to apply to dental school when she graduated. However, when the time came, she realized she was still unsure about that career path; instead, she took a job as a technical assistant at You Got I.T.

Kim’s work in that role primarily involved documenting IT processes and learning more about the field as she did so. She quickly engaged with the problem-solving nature of the work and realized it’s where she wanted to pursue a career. Kim went back to school, gained her MBA, and then was hired on by I.T. Matters, Inc.

9 Years With I.T. Matters

At the very beginning, I.T. Matters was made up of just three people: Kim, Si Tran (EVP), and Ha Tran, founder and President/CEO. Since then the Houston IT company organization has expanded to a staff of 20 IT professionals, and it’s not finished growing yet. Over the course of the past decade, Kim learned to lead as a byproduct of her role in the company.

“I took on the role of VP of Technology when we founded this company, but it’s a title I’ve had to grow into,” Kim told Zix. “I love engineer work, and putting that aside to be more of a people leader was a challenge at first.”

As any business owner, manager or supervisor can attest, being a leader isn’t easy, and it rarely comes naturally. Kim knows that her growth in this area is thanks to the feedback from the team at I.T. Matters over the years, and her commitment to continuous learning.

A Commitment To Clients

Over the course of I.T. Matters’ time in business, Kim has learned a lot about developing trust and lasting relationships with clients. She understands that the expert IT services in Houston that we offer are such a critical part of the clients’ success, they need to feel confident in our ability to keep them operational, secure, and productive.

“At the end of the day, we want to allow our clients to do what they do best, and we can’t do that without a solid relationship,” Kim told Zix.

Kim has come to cherish the time she gets to spend working with clients. The better she understands their goals, needs, and expectations, the better I.T. Matters can deliver the exact solutions and quality of service they need.

“Finding out their issues and challenges, meeting their team, understanding the pain points, setting high expectations, and then exceeding them—I’ll never get sick of that,” Kim told Zix. “Making challenging things solvable and then seeing our clients being so happy when things go smoothly is very rewarding.”

The Future Of Kim And I.T. Matters, Inc.

Going forward, Kim is excited about the opportunity to continue honing her skills in her role, and to see what the future holds for I.T. Matters. She is very proud of her contributions and is confident I.T. Matters can continue growing, improving, and evolving as a business.

“We’ve invested in sales and marketing in the last two years, and that’s helped us to level up into our next growth phase,” Kim told Zix. “The way I see it, the sky’s the limit. I can only see growth in our future.”

For the full feature article, you can read it here: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/f15fed3d/Iv5TJzzHe0uetuereLPlJA?u=https://zix.com/publication/rockstars-msp/how-kim-mai-huynh-stumbled-her-passion-and-used-it-help-grow-successful